Workshops can be a half-day long, or a full-day long depending on the subject matter.

Brain based Learning Techniques

Learn exercises through characters from “The Wizard of Oz” to integrate different parts of the brain.  Use proven techniques to help with memory, focus, and information processing.


Using Games to Learn

Explores  ideas for making up new learning games as well as teaching through store bought games. This is also a fun way to spice up your meetings for corporations as well as educational settings.


Learning Styles

How do we concentrate? How do we remember? How do we understand? Offers insight on how people process information. This workshop also teaches how to apply it at home, school, and corporations.


Language Arts Skills

Introduces a game format for learning grammar as well as writing good quality sentences, paragraphs, and essays.


Reading Skills

By capturing the imagination, the child becomes involved as a part of the story or action and recreates themselves in a more positive light. Our game format is fun and allows movement an exploration needed for kinesthetic and ADD/ADHD learners to succeed. Our program is multi-sensory and brain-based, with an emphasis on using the whole body to learn. This workshop gives an overview of games for Spelling,  Phonics,  Handwriting,  Fluency, Reading Comprehension, as well as Critical thinking/Problem solving skills using exploration and movement through the imagination.


Math Skills

This workshop teaches you to use a game format to acquire skills in basic math. It also reviews the sequence of instruction.


Homework Success

Take a closer look at environment and learning styles to ensure more productive and efficient learning. Includes tips on how to make study more efficient and less stressful.


Learning With Objects

Use everyday items from any environment to teach.  See how objects at home or at the park as well as other places, can illustrate various concepts.  Tailor the lessons to fit the needs of any child.  Examples include actual lessons created and taught at the Imagination Learning Center.


Environment Matters

This workshop is specifically designed for helping children on the autism spectrum as well as other special needs children.  Explore how controlling the environment and transitions help minimize triggers and distractions.  Create an encouraging and efficient environment with less stress for you and your child.