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    Kid-Sized Chess makes Learning FUN!

    24 Sep 2012 in Uncategorized

    REGISTRATION OPEN: Medieval History Themed Creative Writing Classes These are group classes with a 3:1 minimum and 5:1 maximum for our student teacher group class ratios. In these classes, students will learn new creative writing skills creative writing skills through activities centered around Medieval History. Two Examples of their projects representing the chess pieces will be: 1) The Queen, where the kids will make the royal perfume Medieval queens would wear - and write about it! 2) The Castle, they'll learn all about the architecture of castles and build one of their own!

    Informational Building Blocks – A Phenomenal T.A.L. Podcast On The Latest Education Research

    17 Sep 2012 in Uncategorized

    Happy Back-To-School Day To Our Readers! Even though school started for most kids earlier this month, every Monday is truly a back to school or work day for many of us. So we bring you what’s inspired us most this monday morning, a podcast from This American Life! They are on the radio but also have smart phone apps and podcasts online and on itunes available for downloading or streaming from the internet. It’s well worth it to hear such...

    We Put The “ing” In Learning!

    11 Sep 2012 in Uncategorized

                      We have more than teachers and tutors in our learning center family! Meet the Family! We call these little helpers, “Squishies!” Fred, Quazmo, Lucy, Grup, and Bork help some of our more active kinesthetic learnings keep moving while sitting and listening to instructions when back in classroom atmospheres or when listening to us. These simple toys help include movement, a sense typically left for sports and out of academia, for those...

    Characters, Puppets, Stuffed Animals, and Pets For Learning

    19 Aug 2012 in Uncategorized

    This adorable scene was witnessed during one of our math classes yesterday… Kiddo: “Oh, not math! I can’t do it!” Teacher: “Well if you can’t do it, then a puppet can. Go pick out a puppet to play.” Kiddo: “Okay!” (Kiddo brings back enough puppets for each student in the class to also use if they’d like.) Teacher: “Okay everybody, we need one puppet to be the leader. Who wants to be the leader for this game?”  Kiddo: “I do!” She...

    How To Mummify A Store-Bought Chicken: Imagination Learning Center gives kids multi-sensory historical projects to write about!

    24 Jul 2012 in Hands-on History & HOW TO & Imagination Learning Center Classes & Kids Projects & Multi-sensory Learning

      ARCHEOLOGY & ANCIENT EGYPTIAN THEMED CREATIVE WRITING CLASSES ARE NOW ENROLLING AT ILC! CHICKEN MUMMIFICATION PROJECT SUMMARY: Here is our “How To” Blog for one of the most fascinating and fun hands-on projects we do with our creative writing students using, in this case, a historical Ancient Egypt theme. Over the course of 5 weeks, our students learn different styles of writing. With this project, they learn how to write step by step directions after following step by step...

    Groundbreaking Summer Classes Announced! REGISTER NOW

    01 Jun 2012 in Blog & Hands-on History & Kids Summer Program & Registration Open & Summer Education

    This Summer, at Imagination Learning Center, we’re introducing our new Egyptian Archeology Themed Creative Writing Program! Kids and parents request we tailor a creative writing class for this Summer. And we are ready!!! As an exciting and challengingly fun way to continue learning over the Summer, kids will explore various projects designed to capture their imaginations and help them to take personal ownership of the writing projects that follow each hands-on activity. As many of you probably know, the more...


    16 Mar 2012 in Uncategorized

    LEGO COMMERCIAL: Sometimes kids arrive to their first class at Imagination Learning Center kicking and screaming because they’re kids who’ve struggled in school and who’ve had their parents take them to various tutoring services or programs that were unsuccessful and painful. Recently, a very bright boy started out with us a few weeks ago very upset and frustrated about having to try another program for writing. His mom expressed how much he hated to write but knew ILC would help....


    15 Sep 2011 in Uncategorized

    We are kicking off our September of Sundays live music series for kids and our free fall workshops for parents and teachers. Join us at our Open House for a meet and greet, live music, free prizes, and demonstrations of our game format learning programs. Details below! FREE OPEN HOUSE & KID’S CONCERT When: September 18, 2011 Time: 1pm-4pm (concert starts at 3pm) Where: Imagination Learning Center 15280 NW Central Dr. #101 Portland, OR 97229 Music: – Marianna and the...


    24 May 2011 in Blog

    Happy May Everyone! For those of you who’ve been asking, here it is! We are very happy officially to announce that we offer group classes! There are exciting things in the works and it’s going to be a wonderful summer! This year has been peppered with inspiring successes. From kids within the Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome, and ADD/ADHD to general needs kids who have a renewed love and appreciation for learning while having fun. We are honored to share that...

    Imagination Learning Center Website Geniuses

    13 Feb 2010 in Blog

    We’re here! Thank you so much to Adam and Sandra for all your amazing work creating this beautiful website. We look forward to interacting with parents, educators, and child advocates in Portland, OR and around the world.