Below are a list of services that Pam offers. Please visit the Contact Us page with any questions.


Mentor Teaching

Upon request, Pam can come in to either observe a teacher or a specific student, and then offer suggestions for improvement.


Curriculum Consultant

Consultation on how to incorporate Learning Styles into the curriculum, how to add more movement, analyzing the curriculum, and how to strengthen any areas in the curriculum that are lacking or have a weak emphasis.


Corporate Workshops

See the Workshop page for a list of topics that can be modified to cater the corporate world. The Learning Styles and the Brain-Based Learning Techniques would be especially profitable for companies’ performance.



Train the Trainer

Pam enjoys working with trainers or team leaders to improve on their knowledge of learning styles and the brain-based learning techniques, so that they can get the most out of their training session or team collaboration.


Keynote Presentations

Pam is available for Keynote Presentations! Please see the Workshops/Presentations pages for information on the topics she has previously spoken on. Visit the Contact Us page to contact Pam for more information on how these subjects would look in a Keynote Presentation.


Educational Conferences and Workshops

See the Workshops page for more information on workshops.