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Imagination Learning Center offers groundbreaking resources for parents and teachers to tap into. ILC provides imaginative themes and multi-sensory learning systems for reading, spelling, and math. The programs incorporate visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile learning styles through interactive games to promote learning. These programs help individuals overcome learning difficulties such as: ADD/ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, children within the Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome, and Brain Trauma. Our products are briefly explained below, with more information available on our Products page. ILC’s owner and director, Pam Davis, is also available as a guest speaker at conventions, seminars, and businesses. Her extensive knowledge of learning styles, and their application within the educational community as well as how it relates to the business community, is a valuable asset to feature at any organization.

Product descriptions by subject:

READING AND SPELLING: “Code Cracker Cases” covers phonics, spelling, handwriting, fluency, and comprehension using a detective theme.  Students are taught critical thinking and problem solving skills as they search for reading/spelling patterns in words.  Thus, the student eliminates the need to guess at words or to endlessly memorize words.  Students are motivated by playing highly interactive and physically active games – which allow them to apply their newly developed skills while having FUN! See our Products page to see more details about this great curriculum.

CODE CRACKER BOOK SERIES: This series of readers correlates with the Code Cracker Curriculum, but can also be used separately. The entire series consists of 80 books, and is broken up by the different stages of development. The different stages are the ABC books, the Solos books, the Duos Books, and the Squads books. Each book is interactive, and fun for kids to read! See our Products Pages for further details.

TEACHER’S AND PARENT’S EDITION: The Teacher’s and Parent’s Edition is used with the Code Cracker Books Series. It expounds upon all the uses of the series, and shows parents and teachers how to get the biggest bang out of the book series. It includes additional sources for customers, including many of the tools and websites Pam used during her many years in the educational field. Don’t miss out on this phenomenal resource!

MATH: “Pursuit of Pirates and Mermaid Lagoon” is an interactive math program once again incorporating the highly effective game format that students, teachers, and parents enjoy.  This program makes elementary math fun and exciting. This curriculum will be available to purchase via our Products page very soon!

WHO BENEFITS: Kids who need to move to learn! Kids with special needs and general needs. Kids who are gifted but bored in school. Any kids who need unconventionally effective, interactive, exciting, thematic, game formatted education with all learning styles supported. All programs are adaptable to each child’s individual needs. Family members and parents learn different approaches to learning along with their kids. Teachers also discover new ways to make learning fun and effective! Using Pam’s curriculum will open up a whole new way for educators to approach their profession: with FUN!

 GUEST SPEAKING: Pam has previously spoken on a number of topics, and we have them listen below. If you would like to see Pam Davis speak at your place of business, convention, or seminar, please visit the Contact Us page. For more information on her talks, please visit the Presentations page.

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