Groundbreaking Summer Classes Announced! REGISTER NOW

Groundbreaking Summer Classes Announced! REGISTER NOW

"My kids have so much fun learning and growing here with all the games--and they retain the lessons! When their classes are over it's like trying to get them to leave a playground. You have to promise them they can come back again." - ILC Parent

This Summer, at Imagination Learning Center, we’re introducing our new Egyptian Archeology Themed Creative Writing Program!

Kids and parents request we tailor a creative writing class for this Summer. And we are ready!!! As an exciting and challengingly fun way to continue learning over the Summer, kids will explore various projects designed to capture their imaginations and help them to take personal ownership of the writing projects that follow each hands-on activity. As many of you probably know, the more of the senses included in learning processes for kids, the better they retain the material learned and the process used to get that information. We will learn about archeology as we explore mummies, pyramids, the pharaohs, and daily life in ancient Egypt. From digging in the mud for artifacts to mummifying store-bought chickens, these 3rd-6th grade boys and girls will have plenty of adventures, historical content, and wonderful activities to write about!

Our adventure themed, game format, hands-on Reading, Math, Writing, Handwriting, and Spelling group classes and private sessions are open for registration now and throughout the Summer.

Stay tuned here for pics, free parent workshops, how-to’s, tips, and insights!

Call 503-451-3162 to sign up for classes or sessions! We are happy to offer a free assessment for your child throughout the Summer in the subject of your choice!

Treasures and Spy Glasses Await,
The Imagination Learning Center Team 🙂

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  1. andy

    June 14th, 2012 at 12:10 am

    Hi Pam, I am tring to find out what other summer classes (for 5 to 7 yrs old) are offer by your center. I can not find any schedule or class list on your web site.

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