Kid-Sized Chess makes Learning FUN!

Kid-Sized Chess makes Learning FUN!

Hello Everyone!

One of the cool things we do here at Imagination Learning Center is provide neat ideas and inspiration to teachers and parents. Today, we’re going to show you something we used in one of Pam’s Creative Writing classes. In these classes, students learned new creative writing skills through activities centered around Medieval History. Their projects involved games like chess and other multi-sensory projects. As usual, we made sure to include all learning styles and modes of learning. One of the large themes for this class was a KID-SIZED chess game where they did a project for each piece and learned how those pieces had a pivotal role in history. Two Examples of their projects representing the chess pieces were:

1) The Queen, where the kids made the royal perfume Medieval queens would wear – and wrote about it!

2) The Castle, they learned all about the architecture of castles and built one of their own!

This is just two of the projects the kids did, and you can imagine how much fun they had with them. Below we have a picture of what the chess board might looked like, with some of the pieces exchanged for hats in lieu of the unfinished pieces. The kids had a blast learning about Medieval Times through this interactive game. Plus, they got to learn how to play chess!

Medieval Times Themed Creative Writing Class at Imagination Learning Center – 

Pam has many projects and ideas for you to learn about, and this is just one. If you would like to know more about the Medieval Times Creative Writing Class, please visit the Contact Us page.

Happy learning!

The Imagination Team

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